Montessori education enables children to develop the fundamental capacities and helps them to reach full potential in all areas of life.

Happy Trials

A premier recreational activity centre that will engage your child in an environment full of fine arts, learning advancement and fun filled physical activities.

Day care

Home away from home, Dreamflower’s day care facility provides the children a cosy environment to relax as well as to interact with other children.

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DreamFlower Montessori

Dreamflower is a preschool providing Montessori education to children in 2-6 age groups. Founded in 2014 by CADD Centre, a global network of diversified skill development institutes, Dreamflower offers your children a wonderful educational alternative to daycare.

Dreamflower is affiliated with the Indian Montessori Centre, Bengaluru.
At Dreamflower, education is all about how children learn best - through play and fun activities, lovingly guided by our trained teachers.

Social & Personal Development
Physical Development
Intellectual Development
Communication Development
Emotional Intelligence

Happy Trials - Activity Centre

At Happy Trials, we make sure your child learn and grow in a safe environment of fine arts, learning advancement and physical activities. We regulate a list of activities that are maintained in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment. With our goal to keep children happy and healthy, activities through play are the best way to accomplish it.

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