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What To Look For In A Montessori School?

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Storytelling Made Interesting With Fingerplay

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Why Include age appropriate Subjects in Student's Curriculum?

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How Parent’s Active Involvement Can Boost Montessori Education?

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Normalization in Montessori

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Does your Tech usage affect your Child’s Development?

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Some Pre-Writing Activities For Toddlers

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Child Development Advice and Parenting Help for Parents

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5 Best Playschool Rhymes

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Preschool Activities For Kids

Keeping the preschool kids occupied can be challenging at times. Here are some of the preschool activities that encourage children to be creative and ... Read More

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  • When my child joined her first school she did not like going to school. Each day we had to struggle very hard to convince her to go to school, we really had doubts whether she would ever be ready for school in her life. After joining Dreamflower it was miraculous, our daughter was eager and happy to go to school. We could also see a drastic improvement as regards learning new activities and concepts. We are extremely thankful to Dreamflower for making our child a better person and also for their contribution towards her overall development. Dreamflower is like second home to the children. - Guganeswaran N
  • Dreamflower is the best place to start the schooling stage of the tiny buds to be nurtured and grown into beautiful flowers. The infrastructure is sound and well-maintained and the staff is very cordial, loving and amicable. Dreamflower caters to and focusses on the overall development of children in every possible way. It's like an at home feel for every child. All the best to Dreamflower keep up the good work! - Murali Shankar
  • DF is secure way of starting school life where children are not thrown directly in the world of mechanical learning, but emphasis is laid on developing the child and importantly their confidence. Dreamflower carves out a confident and bold individual from within every child. - Subramanian S
  • Dreamflower is the best place for every child to bloom, stand out and spread their individual fragrance to the world around. - GirijaIndrababu


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