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Learning With Nature

Modern life has left children to spend time watching televisions and playing videogames on smartphones. Children these days spend negligible time with nature which leaves them devoid of its developmental effects. Below are some of the benefits of connecting to nature. Multiple Development Domains Nature supports the overall dev...

27 April 19 56 0


Nurturing Concentration in Children

Concentration plays an important role in learning and can be said as is a skill that needs practice to develop and improve. The Montessori classroom for children provides an environment that offers opportunity and time to practice concentration. However, parents can also help their children improve concentration power at home. Below are some of the...

05 April 19 68 0


Why Invest in Emerging Preschool Franchise?

Why Invest in Emerging Preschool Franchise? Today having a preschool franchise is the most profitable, risk-free business, which is unique and multiplying rapidly. It is an undeniable fact that there is vast growth potential in this developing area of education. Economically Viable Business ...

04 March 19 159 0


5Reasons -- Franchise Successful Business

Top 5 Reasons why Franchising is Successful Business ModelĀ  The franchise model is one of the most significant business models ever developed. It has a proven track record of success, reduced risks, and relative ease in obtaining finances. Business franchi...

25 January 19 227 0


Choosing the Right School

Franchising has grown to be one of the best ways to initiate business, especially for young entrepreneurs. Being a risk-free option, it has become one of the preferred business segments attracting investors and businesspeople. Notably, franchising in the education business has proved to be very successful over the years. However, choosing the right...

18 January 19 172 0

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