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10 Reasons Why Playing in Mud is Good for Children! 

Dirt and Mud are often overlooked, but they are the essential tools for teaching young children. And, spreading the word about these tools is necessary. Wondering why? Because getting dirty and playful in the mud has enormous benefits across all the areas of child development. 1.It Encourages Creative Skills When childr...

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10 Quick And Easy Exercises That Can Make A Differ...

Be it children or adults, we need to exercise and at the same time keep ourselves fit.  However that doesn't mean that, we should enrol ourselves in a class and burn our pockets. When we mean exercise. We are referring to simple and easy ones that we can do it without much stress and strain. So, the ten exercises t...

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Participative Storytelling

Childhood is not an age but a state of mind, which easily connects with the stories. It is something, which they love and appreciate. Stories are the source to help them explore their imagination and foster creativity. At Dreamflower Montessori, we focus on attracting more and more participation to help children compre...

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Storytelling Sessions with Fascinating Props!

Stories are magical! Dreamflower Montessori is committed to bringing innovative and socially relevant practices for child’s development. This time we have thought to enhance the interesting part of the curriculum - Storytelling through puppetry. Puppets play an incredible role in drawing the attention of c...

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Montessori Outdoor Exploration

“Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment”- Maria Montessori In the recent observation, it was found that children experience nature deficit disorder (problem that arises with lack ...

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