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Learning With Nature

Modern life has left children to spend time watching televisions and playing videogames on smartphones. Children these days spend negligible time with nature which leaves them devoid of its developmental effects. Below are some of the benefits of connecting to nature. Multiple Development Domains Nature supports the overall dev...

27 April 19 142 0


Nurturing Concentration in Children

Concentration plays an important role in learning and can be said as is a skill that needs practice to develop and improve. The Montessori classroom for children provides an environment that offers opportunity and time to practice concentration. However, parents can also help their children improve concentration power at home. Below are some of the...

05 April 19 140 0


The Family Playtime

If it is a vacation or a holiday season, the urge to find out a proper playtime solution for children and family, automatically goes up! Besides planning a trip to a new destination or planning outgoing, what you can do in the holiday seasons, is hook up your children and your family with some interesting board games that will not only keep them oc...

06 December 18 274 0


Super Foods for Super Children

One thing that amazes everyone in this current generation would the ability and the intensity levels in which children of today’s generation communicate and relate with. Kids today are not learning essential life aspects, but are also getting to witness a lot of factors that indeed makes them special and interesting. In order to do this and to re...

27 November 18 311 0


Should we force children into sports?

As parents, we always have the feeling that our children should achieve something in their life. Often, we embed this though into various fields and dimensions like education, career, growth, development etc. Sometimes, we also exhibit this thought into sports, creating the notion that, ‘Every child should play sports for his or her welfare?’. ...

12 November 18 224 0

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