The Gadget Free Living!

Wish we could go back to those days where our childhood times were filled with memories and countless thoughts! But in modern days, the thought for getting back to the childhood days is totally replaced with the very idea of technology and gadgets! So, in the end if your children grow up and if they want to talk about ...

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Child Development: What Parents Need to Know

  Child development is a crucial process and parents are the strong pillars of this development process. They are responsible for building the foundation of a child and creating a holistic development environment for them. Therefore, it is essential for parents to understand the child’s development processes,...

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10 Things to Care About if Your Toddler / Kid Like...

Our childhood was awesome because we played so many outdoor games. Children these days miss out all these activities and only focus on gadgets and T.V., which is continuously affecting their growth and health. Parents must take care of the below-mentioned points to prevent the negative influence of technology on toddle...

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Storytelling Sessions with Fascinating Props!

Stories are magical! Dreamflower Montessori is committed to bringing innovative and socially relevant practices for child’s development. This time we have thought to enhance the interesting part of the curriculum - Storytelling through puppetry. Puppets play an incredible role in drawing the attention of c...

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