Top 10 Questions Parents Ask About Montessori

Admissions within the Montessori school offers children with the best education, facilities, and an excellent transport system and the ticket to future success. Parents need to look for the validity of their decision, because the children spend fourteen formative and crucial growth years of their life in the Institute ...

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Storytelling Sessions with Fascinating Props!

Stories are magical! Dreamflower Montessori is committed to bringing innovative and socially relevant practices for child’s development. This time we have thought to enhance the interesting part of the curriculum - Storytelling through puppetry. Puppets play an incredible role in drawing the attention of c...

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10 Reasons Why Montessori Education Could Solve Ou...

There are people amongst us who stand for cribbing and blaming the education system but are not able to come up with constructive solutions to solve the problem. While pointing fingers at the education system, there arises a need to inculcate the best educational practice and policy for us. Educators from the world ...

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Montessori Outdoor Exploration

“Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment”- Maria Montessori In the recent observation, it was found that children experience nature deficit disorder (problem that arises with lack ...

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