10 Things to Care About if Your Toddler / Kid Likes Smart Gadgets

28 May 18 700 0

Our childhood was awesome because we played so many outdoor games. Children these days miss out all these activities and only focus on gadgets and T.V., which is continuously affecting their growth and health. Parents must take care of the below-mentioned points to prevent the negative influence of technology on toddler’s life.

1. No Gadgets Until Pre-School

Kids under the age of 2 shouldn’t be allowed to use gadgets because it has a negative impact on their cognitive ability. A child at the age 2 and below need to learn from the real-world experiences to promote brain development.

2. Set Time-Limits

Parents must fix time duration of watching T.V. and using gadgets for children. For example, a four to five-year-old child must not be allowed to watch T.V for more than half an hour in one sitting. Similarly, as the kid grows the time limit can be varied.

3. Monitored use of Gadgets

The Internet, T.V, and other applications display both positive and negative contents. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their child’s activity on gadgets. This will help develop positive skills in children and will encourage affirmative growth.

4. Content Selection

The applications that children use and the Games and movies they watch must display positive behavior. Parents must take care that the content, which children watch, is not violent and aggressive.

5. No personal Gadgets for Kids

Parents must not buy their kids a personal gadget till the age of 14. It is because the excessive unmonitored use of gadgets affects the child’s health and encourages negative behavior.

6. Encourage Physical Activities

Parents must divert their children from excessive technology usage. They must encourage them for physical activities such as football, cricket, basketball etc., as it will promote healthy growth.

7. Devote Time

Working parents because of their work occupancies are unable to devote time to their children. As a result, kids spent most of their time playing video games and watching T.V. which has ill-effects on their health. So, parents must start spending more time with their children.

8. Avoid Gadgets at Night

Children who are in habit of using the gadgets at night suffer from insomnia. They become sleep deprived and thus affect their health and make them cranky. So, parents must not let their children use gadgets at night.

9. Explain the Contents of Movies and Games

Parents must explain the meaning of all the contents of games and videos to children. This will help in the comprehensive understanding of the content and children will learn more efficiently.

10. Play With Kids

Children love when their parents devote time and interact and play with them. Parents must play physical games with kids. It will divert kids from gadgets and will encourage physical growth.

All Parents loves their kids and with a little attention they can divert their children from the smartphones and Television towards other activities and encourage their healthy growth.

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