5 Best Playschool Rhymes

28 May 18 493 0

Playschool kids develop memory and recall power by learning simple playschool rhymes. Fingerplays and rhymes are thus introduced at an early stage of life when little children gather around in groups. These rhymes help kids retain memory as they sing and recite. Some of the best playschool rhymes are:

  1. Five Little Soldiers - This is a simple playschool rhyme that can be used to make the playschool children learn simple counting with a melody.

  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - It is generally the first rhyme taught at the playschool showing the night sky with the attractive twinkling stars.

  3. Pussycat Pussycat - This is one of the famous playschool rhyme about a little pussycat who is frightened by a little mouse.

  4. Ring a Ring a Roses - This is a song sung by children while they play. The playschool kids are made to hold hands and make a circle. They sing this song while moving in the circle and sit down joyfully.

  5. Johny Johny yes papa- This playschool rhyme is about a talk between a father and a son.

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