Child Development Advice and Parenting Help for Parents

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Before a child enters into a school, there are many lessons he or she learns from their parents. Right from the first year of child’s development, babies learn to focus their vision, reach out for things and explore surroundings around them.

Children at the age from 0 to 3 years learns to recognize their own parents and their voices. They also develop cognitive abilities, i.e. learning process of language, memory and thinking. As they reach second and third years, they become aware of their surroundings. At this stage of child development, they have desire to explore objects and people around them.

As they reach an age of three, they try to operate independently, they can also follow two or three step advice and identify objects with colors and shapes.

Positive Parenting Tips (1-3 years)

•    Answer when your baby makes sound by repeating the sounds and adding words- this will help her to use language.
•    Singing to the baby will help her develop love for music and brain development.
•    Ask her to find objects for you or name body parts and objects.
•    Help child to explore things by taking her on a walk.
•    Teach child simple songs or cultural childhood rhymes.

As the child reaches the age of three, it is time for a preschool. It is best to research about it early as it lays the basic fundamentals in a child’s development process. Here are some of the things that can help choosing the right preschool:

•    Start with the basics- such as its location- near home/workplace.
•    How will the Preschool timings adjust with your schedule?
•    If the preschool offers any transportation facilities.

Positive Parenting Tips (3-5 years)

•    Let them participate in simple chores at home.
•    Encourage them to play with other children and learn to be social both at home and school.
•    Help them to learn good language skills by talking in complete sentences.

A right preschool may help in your child’s development and help them learn simple life lessons imparting in them discipline and social conduct.

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