Child Development: What Parents Need to Know

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Child development is a crucial process and parents are the strong pillars of this development process. They are responsible for building the foundation of a child and creating a holistic development environment for them. Therefore, it is essential for parents to understand the child’s development processes, milestones, and phases. So, we have listed below some of the vital child development processes to support parents in early child development.

Understanding the Development Phase

Experts say that child development is dependent on both nature and nurture. So, the growth of toddlers heavily relies on their nervous system and the surrounding environment in which they live. Hence, the following development phases must be strictly monitored and followed to ensure successful child’s development:

  • 1. Parents must develop strong non-verbal communication and emotional attachment. Soothing eye contact and a blissful touch are significant for this bonding.

  • 2. Successful nurturing of sensory system in a child, which includes fostering the sense of sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound.

  • 3. Health and nourishment is the prime factor in child development.

  • 4. Focus on these key milestones in the Child’s skills development:

    • a. Socializing: At the age of one and half year to 2-3 years children learn social skills.

    • b. Communication: At the age of one and half year to 2-3 years children learn to communicate within their environment.

    • c. Intelligence and Cognition: At the age of 3-5 years brain develops cognitive skills.

    • d. Physical and Motor Skills: From birth to 1-year children develop physical, and motor skills enabling them to sit, crawl, stand, and walk.

  • 5. Apply Bio-Psycho-social model of child development, which take biological, psychological, and social stimuli as the prime attributes for the development process.

  • 6. Nurture the nature of the child by fostering his/her innate, inherent capabilities. This nurturing significantly improves child’s growth.

These development phase mentioned above demonstrates that child development is no child play. It requires complete dedication and vigilant efforts to raise a child. So, it becomes necessary for parents to carefully monitor each of the development phases to help their child grow healthy, smart, and intelligent.

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