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“A man’s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth.” – Charles Darwin

Friendship and Parenting has a fine line between them. It takes a skilful parent to connect parenting with friendship. It is always easy to maintain friendship with toddlers than with an adolescence. As they grow they find new friends of their age and become more comfortable with them.

So, instead of trying to balance between parenting and being friends with them, why don’t you learn to support your child’s friendship?

More often parents have difficulty in accepting their child’s friendship especially when it falls under gender category. The early age friendship builds strong foundation to how they are going to grow up in the society, this gives them the confidence to make right friends throughout life.

Supporting their friendship will also help them be an extrovert. Most of them who have had less friends in their early age has grown up to be an introvert and also lacked confidence to face the society.

What you can do to support them?

Well, there are very few easy things you can do to support and help your child in their friendship.

  • Take them out with his/her friends and make sure to be available during their play days.

  • You can give some instructions on sharing, playing together and resolving conflicts without hitting or demeaning friends.

  • Understand your child’s social strengths and challenges while you are out with them on play days.

  • If your child is shy to make new friends, give them a kick start with initial conversations and if they easily socialize, then help them to accept quiet friends too.

  • Children tend to get angry, so teach them to feel the emotional and physical sensation of anger. Give them the space to learn how to express it without hurting anyone physically or verbally.

Celebrate your child’s friendship and support that innocent bonding by creating a stepping stone for them to face the socializing world better in future.

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