Does your Tech usage affect your Child’s Development?

28 May 18 466 0

The picture of a parent or babysitter sitting on a coffee table staring into their smartphone while a baby sits gurgling in a stroller is quite a common sight these days.

Experts say that parents think the infant parenting process revolves around boredom. Rather, they must know that it takes a little space and time that needs to be spent with the baby to fill up the gap with smiles and joyful bursts of laughter. Experts also consider it to be a growing issue when it comes to parenting. The device-distracted parents are spending most of their time on screens leaving their baby alone and isolated. This practise can be a barrier to the child’s development as it is believed that language is the food in the process of developing the little brain in those few years of life.

Parents and caregivers these days are too distracted and engaged in their gadgets that they are not talking to the babies enough. Researchers suggest that interacting with the baby in the first two years is critical as it helps to activate their little brains. Babies should be made familiar with meaningful words in their early years of development. It is also observed that babies that are familiar with words tend to learn them quickly than the ones that sit in silence. They are benefitted by not only hearing words but constant interaction as well.

Additionally, there also a phenomenon called “still-face paradigm” where a baby freaks out, when a mother, after being responsive, turns unresponsive. That means it’s not only the words or attention that is the key, but also the responsiveness.

A study that was published in the Journal of Pediatrics observed caregivers with children in restaurants. Forty out of 55 people observed were using a smartphone during the meal. These parents were also seen to respond harshly to the children. Some of the toddlers also reported to be saying that their parents are using their phones too much.

Digital distractions are significantly building gaps between children and parents, but it us who have to work this out mindfully. The digital world is undoubtedly pulling us away from the young minds, and clearly, we are losing this battle.

Although it is complicated to be a parent in this digital world, parents need to stay connected to their child as much as they can. Parents need to remember that talking to the child is teaching them what is right from the very first year.

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