Early Childhood Education

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Early childhood education is something children learn at their early stages of growth and development, i.e. from age three to six. Education and learning is an important milestone in the development of a child. Children of these age groups are quick at grasping, but may find it difficult or inconvenient to sit at tables and chairs in a classroom at school to gain knowledge about some of the basic things about life, such as arts, crafts, culture, music, cooking, or even doing some basic everyday work.

Many schools have now adopted Montessori methods of teaching small kids incorporating features of preschool, playschool and kindergarten. Parents also prefer this method as it is using interactive, engaging and learning environment.

The structured learning process included in the Montessori education makes child develop skills to collaborate with other children, work in groups, share things, learn from the mistakes and makes them disciplined.

Specially trained teachers take care of a group of children and act as a mentor- guiding them, helping them and set parameters for the activities.

Multi-Age Grouping

Montessori School classroom is composed of students of different ages. Ideally, children stay in groups and in constant supervision of the teacher in charged. Members of the groups address each other respectfully. The younger ones learn tricks and ways from the elder members and the higher age members helps to guide them, this develops social skills and relationship building among small kids.

A Caring Community

The classroom environment is just like a caring community of kids. They take turns to look after the classroom pets or water the classroom plants. The elder members enjoy mentoring the younger ones and the younger ones learn things under their supervision and constant involvement with classroom activities and schedule.

Learning Materials

The learning materials used in this environment are dedicated to some or the other activity. The materials are precisely hand-crafted and are kept on open shelves in the classroom with height that can be easily accessed by children of all ages. Activities include color matching, car toys, animals, color shades, cereals, shape blocks, puzzle cards, etc.

The Montessori classroom materials are rich and colors and are attractive, quickly grabbing attention of the young minds. The mentors not only guides children how to work with them, but also encourages children to engage more activities taking care that they develop every skill the environment imparts.

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