Five DIY tips for a happy parenting - Step 1

17 September 18 1431 0

A lot of us have the feeling that, parenting is challenging and complicated. Have you ever wondered why you have this feeling? Is it because, you are unable to understand the needs of your children or it is because of the societal pressure? Well, the solutions for a happy parenting is plenty and many. Here, we are going to discuss about the practical solutions that can ease parenting at various points of time.
So, what it takes to be a good parent or what is happy parenting all about? Presenting the five do it yourself tips for an enjoyable parenthood

The first question that every parent should ask is ‘How well prepared am I for this parenthood journey? Apparently, you should plan on your recourse or on your ways of parenting. Each of us are different, similarly even our parenting methods will also be different. So, it would be better and ideal, if you can decide on parenting methods, which will ease out the challenges and issues.
On the other hand, it would be even ideal to sit down as a couple and decide whether you are ready to have children or not! Never take parenting for granted!

Prepare well:
This aspect should go into your mind-set, right from the day you decide to be a parent. In other words, you should prepare yourself right from your pregnancy days. (This even applies to fathers as well). Early days of parenting can be challenging as both (baby and you) are new to each other and it will take time to understand each other. Take time and understand what you will need for a complex free parenthood.
As a couple you should also be prepared for your child and at the same time you should prepare your ‘to do list’ which will make early days of parenting simple and easy.

Always remember the fact that we all have the motherly and fatherly instincts within us! Hence, make it a point to practice parenting in a simple way wherever or whenever possible. It would be even ideal to adopt a pet and see what it takes to be a great parent. Practicing parenthood even before you have the child will make sense as it will help in understanding the real nature of parenting.
It would be even ideal, if you can visit any preschool or talk with few parents and gather some information on what parenting is all about! This can solve the ambiguity.

Make it a point to believe in you! Only, when you start trusting yourself, the world will believe that you are a great parent. Hence, stay positive and perseverant at all points of time. In fact a positive parenting can go a long way in making you a perfect personality. Start trusting your own instincts are work according to it. If you do so, nothing will deter your parenting journey.
Once again as a couple, you must trust each other. Great parenting starts only when couples trust each other and gain confidence from each other.

This is the key word for a parenting experience! Being patient, calm and composed will not only help in striking a rapport between you and your child, but will also enable you to understand what it really takes to be a great mother or father! Of course, also make it a point to stay away from other’s view points and opinions, it doesn’t matter! It’s only you and your child in the end.
During the time of pregnancy or at the early stages of parenting make it a point to understand your baby this will help in setting the rapport and parent ties!

So, this is what you should be doing in the step or phase 1 for a challenge free parenthood!

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