Five DIY tips for a happy parenting - Step 2

25 September 18 850 0

Parenting is no joke! As children slowly start growing, complexities to start multiplying! This is where the toughness of parenting becomes evident and real! What do we do in such a situation? Should we fret or should we stay calm? Well, if you have chosen the latter, it means that you are on the right track! But still, we are perplexed with the very thought of what I should be a perfect parent? The answer is to be understanding at all times.
In this segment, we are going to discuss the next phase of parenting and how to exhibit it at various points in time.

1. Understand your children:
When you have a single child, upbringing is different. Whereas when you have two or more children then parenthood is all the more challenging and complex! In such a situation, what an ideal parent should do is, they should slowly start understanding their child or children. You must also realize the fact that, all though they are your children, still they are different and accordingly you should parent them.
Understanding your child or children also includes respecting them, valuing them for who they are and avoiding comparisons with other children or with your own kith and kin.

2. Understand yourself:
This must be your ultimate aim or focus throughout your parenting journey! Just as we say, learning is a lifelong process. similarly, parenting is also a lifelong process, so keep yourself open and embrace the changes that you see in your due course of parenting. It would be even wise to say that ‘you should be willing to let go of yourself if the situation demands you to do so. Also, make it a point to move from known to unknown then only you will be able to understand yourself.
As parents, we should never let ego nor pride affect us. Only when we realize our strengths and weakness, we will be able to give the best life experience for our children.

3. Understand the situations:
Parenting styles keep varying according to the situations and according to the time frame we are in. As parents, we should always make it a point to understand what the situations are and what our children need from that situation. We cannot be completely harsh or kind at all times. We should be able to judge what emotion is required from as parents based on the situation. Only, when we realize these innate factors, life will be easy and simple for us and for our children.
Parents, on the other hand, should also make it a point to teach the children about situational handling. This will make them a better person.

4. Understanding their needs:
Each child or children’s need will be different and can also be varying at times. What we as a parent should do is, we should be able to distinguish between immediate needs and later needs. Only when we do such a type of distinction, we will be able to up bring our children with values and ethics. As a matter of fact, never underestimate your child’s needs! It can either affect them in a positive way or in a negative way! So, always give a thought to your children’s needs.
Even needs in modern days can be classified! See, to that how well the needs are connected to their wellbeing and living.

5. Understand their mindset:
Last but not the least, if you are wanting to create a difference in your child’s life as a parent, then you should be ready to understand their mindset. Mindset plays a major role in proper upbringing. Never let your attitude to be theirs! It will only cause chaos and confusion. Allow children to think and reflect for themselves. Only, if you give them their space, they will blossom into lovely children that you have dreamt of!
Also, make it a point not to shout them in public places, not to scream at them in front of their friends and not to scare them unnecessarily.

If you follow these methods, automatically you will start enjoying parenthood.

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