Franchising: An Emerging Successful Model to Expand Pre-School Education

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Maria Montessori rightly said, “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.” It makes early childhood education a foundation stone for an empowered society. And pre-schools are the primary benefactor who takes up this responsibility. Moreover, research has proven that maximum brain development occurs before the age of five, and children undergo physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development during this time. Consequently, the expert guidance of pre-school teachers is very crucial at this time because their skilled supervision helps shape the future of a child.

Catalysts for Pre-Schools Franchisee Growth

The benefits a child gains from a pre-school are innumerable. This is the reason; nowadays, parents are eager to put their children in pre-schools. Consequently, the pre-school sector is experiencing rapid growth, making it a lucrative investment opportunity for franchisors. The various factors that have captured their interest in pre-school education franchise are listed below.

  • Nuclear families and working parents: Working parents are unable to take care of their children whole daylong. Also, in the nuclear family, there is no one else to take care of the child, which makes pre-schools very important.

  • Innovative Learning: Interactive and playful preschool learning approaches attract parents, as they want a holistic development of their child.

  • Little Investment: A pre-school franchise does not require massive investment. Usually, it ranges from 8lakhs-50lakhs making it a lucrative business alternative for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Women Entrepreneurs: Women have the innate ability to nurture little minds, which makes pre-schools the fittest and profitable business venture for them.

Pre-School Franchise: A Lucrative Business Model

Pre-School franchise model offers numerous benefits to potential franchises making it the most favorite expansion model for pre-school education. Listed below are these benefits:

1. Reduced risk of gestation period as franchisors provides complete support for pre-school growth.

2. Easy to market the pre-school and reach a higher population.

3. The franchisors provide the well-structured and organized curriculum.

4. It helps build up a business presence in the targeted geographic location.

Overall franchising gives an opportunity to increase the number of pre-schools with ease. Consequently, the level of early childhood education rises as students acquire professional guidance in their growth years. Also, it gives an opportunity for several budding entrepreneurs to expand their business. Conclusively, Pre-School franchise becomes a successful expansion model for early-childhood education and business growth.

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