Helping your children understand the importance of small happiness

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Happiness and childhood go hand in hand! It is only in childhood, children understand the true meaning of happiness and what it is to live a life without inhibitions and worries. Not alone that, childhood is also the phase, where children can be taught about values, ethics and moral without any boundaries! Similarly, as parents, we should also be focusing on helping our children to understand the importance of small happiness that they get in life.
Counting on small happiness not only makes childhood memorable but also enables them to grow into great personalities!
How can we help children realize their happiness quotients and make them understand that life is all about this?
Children need to be cared for and valued for: This is the first and foremost thing, which every parent should do. Children never expect anything big or great in return! All that they need is some words of encouragement and motivation. If you do this, automatically they will start valuing themselves and focus on inner happiness in the long run.
Each child is unique and special: As a parenting rule, ensure that you understand and communicate with your child. The moment, you give the child the confidence that you are caring for them and you are there to understand their needs and demands, they will slowly start valuing on what happiness is and how valuable it is! It makes them feel secure and happy.
Give them a chance: Children need a chance to understand whom they are and what they want from their life! It would be absurd if we start judging children without giving them a chance to explain themselves or their situations. Enabling them to understand the importance of a given chance always makes them focus on their present and actual happiness.
Children need to be rewarded and appreciated as and when possible: Delaying their happiness quotient will not only make them sad but will also make them disgruntled and depressed altogether. So, make it a point to appreciate them as and when the need arises or at least ensure that you mention their name and make them feel proud.
We have to accept the fact that, children need to understand the reality and the world around them. Explaining the realities of the world is the best way to make them focus on what kind of happiness they are experiencing when compared to others. Inner happiness will arise, only when the truth is told as a fact and not as a lie!
Another way to make your children in understanding the importance of small happiness would be centred upon allowing them to grow in their own terms. Allowing children to explore themselves and at the same time, enabling them to understand themselves will not only help them in the future but will make them elated at times!
Give them the courage: If you want your children to experience true happiness, then you should give them the courage to
Express themselves
Communicate themselves
Fail and understand the reasons beneath it! You should also give them the courage to accept the things that they have done! After all, they are also on their way to become a great leader!
Support them: There cannot be anything greater than the feeling of parents supporting their children at times of need or whenever they go down! When you start supporting them or helping them or even showing them a way out the solution, they automatically tend to get positive and start feeling refreshed!
Small happiness are those moments that we as parents create for them! As a matter of fact, never let them be without focussing on themselves and at the same time enable them to understand what the world is all about!

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