How Parent’s Active Involvement Can Boost Montessori Education?

28 May 18 583 0

Choosing the way a child should be nurtured and educated is the sole responsibility of parents. They have an important role to play when it comes to academic and social progress of a child from adolescence to adulthood. Montessori education system supports parents involvement to guide kids that will prepare them against the ups and downs. Not only this, Montessori environment reinforces parent’s involvement to strong foundation and help children grow into self-reliant adults.

In order to determine parental involvement in a child’s education, there has been extensive research that supports some conclusive points listed below:

Parental Involvement will Support Creativity

Kids are very creative and perceive the world in a funny manner. They have the ability to think creatively and a nature to adapt changing life circumstances. Therefore, if parents are able to support their creativity and help in learning at home, it will be a great thing to boost Montessori education.

Encourage them through words, not Rewards

Kids are definitely moved by rewards but it is not the right way to praise them. Demonstrate encouragement through statements instead of rewards. Encouraging statements such as, “You have done well” or “Keep up the spirit,” will work much better than favorite dishes or toys. Such statements will inspire them to perform better and ultimately, bring a rise in child’s education.

Boost Academic Performance

It is evident that when parents are involved and show interest in child academic activities, they tend to perform better. Therefore, academic achievement experiences positive impact when a parent looks after their children in every possible manner. Needless to say, parents are primary educators in the early phases of life.

Lift Teacher's Morale

When parents equally support communication between home and school, it helps Montessori teachers to know the student better, resulting in a positive learning outcome for the child. Communication will also remove the distrust and misconceptions that usually exist between parents and teachers. Ultimately, rising the teacher’s morale.

Parental involvement in child education brings up a number of advantages which money cannot buy. Dreamflower Montessori, a pioneer arm of CADD Centre helps in child’s development and support the active involvement of parents at every stage. Incorporating the above aspects, Dreamflower brings best experience in learning and help children grow socially as well as academically. By building connection between home and second home, Dreamflower tries to keep parents updated about their kid’s achievements and qualities.

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