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11 October 19 999 0

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words” – Victor Hugo

Music plays an important role in our culture today, not only for the grown-ups but also for the children. It gives them a different perspective towards emotions and sound based actions. Music plays with the mind and gives perspective to things we consider harder to understand by actions and words which is much more important for toddlers because they can understand perspective over action.


  • Studies (2016 at the University of Southern California’s brain and creativity institute) have proven that music increases brain development especially in the field of reading and language acquisition.

  • Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.


  • Children use music to express themselves. Simple things like swinging their hands to a melody or tapping their foot to the beat of the songs or even just nodding their heads.

  • Music is a part of their life today as they can hear it on everything.

  • Toddlers pay more response to music or one should say the melody in music because it stimulates their brain and gets them attracted towards it.

  • They recognize and understand the melody even before learning the words to it.


It might seem like a little thing to do but on the long run it would give your children creativity, discipline, decision-making skills and the right mind to respect emotional and social values. Some might even bring back Oscars.


  • When it comes to learning an instrument it might be difficult for a toddler to actually learn to play it. We recommend the parents to make them listen to good music.

  • Any such tunes that will make your child laugh or the cartoons that speaks through music like Tom & Jerry.

  • Encourage your children to sing and dance to the songs they like.

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