Let Children Play

28 May 18 568 0

Young children from the age of two to six are the ones that learn and develop quickly. They are always observing, playing, experimenting and learning through this process. By this age, they also begin to get a sense of their own identity and discover how they may be different from others noticing other children around them. Children of this age always get benefits if they attend the right playschool.

Organized activities from such preschools help develop their learning in an informal setting. In turn, this style prepares them for the formal school life. Playschool children are introduced to people they have never seen before on their own without their parents, the introduction of new people develops social skills. Not only do the children learn to be social, make friends and learn through other people around them, but group activities help them develop analytical and logical skills.

These activities are structured in such a way that children learn through play. Play makes children more absorbed in activities that they may find fun and love doing, ultimately resulting in developing their concentration power. Providing a range of playthings to children may help them in learning.

  • A play with sand and water can be early introduction to science and math, learning that sand is solid and water is fluid, and can be measured in containers of different sizes.

  • Drawing and painting picture, playing with dough, playing with dolls and dressing up can encourage creativity, imagination and expression of feelings.

  • Dancing, playing ball games, climbing, running, all help to develop body movements, flexibility, strength and coordination skills.

  • Jigsaws, building blocks, shape sorters can help with recognizing different shapes and sizes, developing logic and putting things in order.

  • Playing simple music instruments, singing help to develop rhythm, hearing and listening.

  • Games which include making team help with turn taking, sharing and mixing with others.

By spending some amount of time with preschool kids, we may understand how much important it is for them to play. Opportunities to play provide them so much more than a few minutes of “fun”. Play also allows children to relax, let of stream, develop concentration, social skills and co-operation, encouraging imagination development and develop motor skills and self-expression.

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