Montessori Outdoor Exploration

28 May 18 1023 0

“Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment”- Maria Montessori

In the recent observation, it was found that children experience nature deficit disorder (problem that arises with lack of spending outdoor time resulting in behavioral problems) It is because children are getting disconnected with the world, resulting in attention difficulties and other problems. We are lucky to live in the world with a natural habitat and can easily afford beautiful Montessori outdoor environment. Natural exploration for children can promote a healthy lifestyle, boost mental strength, and creativity in the process of strengthening relationships.

To foster their curiosity and creative mind, here are a few ways to encourage outdoor exploration among children:

1. Outdoor Classroom: These outdoor classrooms encourage hands-on experiences, physical movement of children, and social growth through peer interaction. The multifaceted approaches promote cognitive development, which connects children with nature and helps in the maximization of learning outcomes.

2. Gardening: It is a wonderful concept to introduce gardening to children. The process of growing plants and vegetables will result in improved academics, better eating habits, healthier and engaged communities.

3. DINO-DIG: The game is all about searching for dinosaur bones and unearth amazing fossils, the way archeologists do. It will help children learn facts about fossil fuels. Children will also understand the formation and development of modern nature. Overall, the game is a fun way to inspire children to learn earth sciences and geology.

4. Music and Movement: Everyone, including children, love music. Move and groove time for children as an outdoor activity is a surplus chance to turn them active and enhance their physical movement.

5. Sand and Water Exploration: According to Maria Montessori, no creature in this world too small to explore and not every dirt is a thing to be discarded. Encourage free exploration to the natural world will entice their senses and help them learn. Also, a splash pad for children is the way children are going to experience fun and learning.

Above mentioned are creative and exciting features to stimulate the curiosity of a child, and can quickly become a part of Montessori everyday outdoor activities.

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