Nurturing Concentration in Children

05 April 19 1065 0

Concentration plays an important role in learning and can be said as is a skill that needs practice to develop and improve. The Montessori classroom for children provides an environment that offers opportunity and time to practice concentration. However, parents can also help their children improve concentration power at home. Below are some of the ways to develop concentration at home.

Giving a child an appropriate free time is essential. The Montessori approach suggests a rare interruption in the child’s work when they are focused on an activity.

Understanding the needs of the child is important. A child must be given enough freedom and space to discover new things. Teachers or parents must not interfere in their work.

Teachers and guardians must act as role models as children observe their moves. Exaggeration of their own efforts will encourage children to concentrate on their assigned tasks.

The best approach is to observe the child’s interests. The approach will help to guide them in extending their concentration. For instance, if a child likes to paint, he or she must be given small painting tasks as an opportunity to increase their concentration.

The learning environment such as a Montessori classroom must be arranged in an order with a definite place for everything. An ordered arrangement will develop organized thinking and improve the power of concentration among children.

Lastly, children must be given an effective learning environment. The surrounding of the child must be free from distraction for a better learning experience. Moreover, adopting Montessori practices at home helps a child to reach a deeper level of concentration.

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