Playschool Vs Montessori

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Many parents prefer sending their children to Montessori schools rather than Playschool or Nursery Schools at the early years of their child’s growth. Although day schools offer daycare that may be, in some cases focused on early childhood education before they begin their kindergarten.

Complete with its own learning styles, Montessori is perhaps an entirely distinct alternative philosophy and methods.

Both Playschool and Montessori school offer excellent options for the young learners. Thus, we let you examine both to determine the best for your pre-school aged child.

Emphasis on: Playschools lays emphasis on social development, while Montessori helps develop both social skills as well as cognitive development.

Discipline: Teacher acts as the primary enforcer of discipline in a Playschool while Montessori environment and methods encourage self-discipline among kids.

Instructions: Instructions in a Play school are provided collectively for a group but may be given to an individual, but in a Montessori classroom, the teacher gives exclusively individual instructions to the children.

Activity Duration: Playschool allocates some specific time to the kids for activities while Montessori kids are allowed to work on a chosen project as long as they wish to.

Freedom: The Playschool assigns the child in a chair, is instructed to sit still, encouraged to participate and sit still and listen during group sessions. The Montessori system on the other hand, allows the child to work where they chose, move around and talk to peers.

Learning: Playschool learning is reinforced externally by repetition and rewards while the Montessori system includes an organized program for learning such as self-care and care of the environment (watering plants and feeding the pet).

Learning and Instruction Pace: Playschool classrooms set the instructions and pace according to the group norms for children, while, the Montessori environment allows the child to set their own pace.

Age Grouping: Playschool makes groups of children belonging to same age where as on the other hand, the Montessori system encourages children to learn from one another making group of different ages believing that children learn more from their peers.

Parent Involvement: Playschools do not organize any programs involving parents, they only get involved voluntarily. Montessori on the other hand, organizes programs for parents to understand its philosophies and participate in the learning process of their children.

Montessori education develops self-education, more interest in learning, more creativity and a better understanding of concepts, from grammar to mathematical operations. The children with Montessori education have deep understanding and are comparatively more trained for higher classroom study.

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