Preschool Activities For Kids

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Keeping the preschool kids occupied can be challenging at times. Here are some of the preschool activities that encourage children to be creative and learn about their surroundings. These activities not only are fun to do, but also offers learning opportunities. These activities are carried out mainly in groups of children making them learn things together.

The Natural Living and Learning activity

In this activity, the preschoolers are introduced to the nature. Children are often taken to zoos in groups. Or some preschools also keep friendly animals in their natural habitats at the school premises and children are introduced to them under a teacher’s supervision.

Children learn how to interact with the natural environment and how to behave with friendly animals and birds. Some preschools also keeps a classroom fish and gives them a name. Each day the monitor of the class is encouraged to feed him.

Story Telling workshop

Story telling can be both fun and learning part as a preschool activity. Story telling can be made more interactive by involving attractive pictures or objects during the process. Stories telling can also involve activities such as play dough- children may create figures and shapes as story characters or objects. A preschool also has a story telling box of toys that can be used as story characters making the process more interesting.

Festive Activities

Children can learn a lot about their culture and festivals through these preschool activities.  Preschools conduct activities based on festivals such as Christmas and Krishna- Janshtami, where they can learn how to be creative, participating in a contest such as to decorate a Christmas Tree or dressing up as Lord Krishna. They also learn about the culture and legends from the past.

The preschool children learn many lessons such as to interact with nature, to be creative and also makes them aware about our culture.

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