Preschool Franchise V/S Starting Your Own Preschool/Montessori

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“The first five years of education have so much to do with how the next 80 turns out.” As per the above saying, early education is the most crucial phase of child’s development, and thus, preschools play a vital role in this regard. It is the reason; preschools industry is currently at the boom. But now the question arises, what is profitable for businesses? a preschool franchise or their own preschool? The answer to this question is given below.

Comparing Franchises and self-owned preschools

FactorsPreschool FranchiseSelf-owned Preschool
Brand Name The brand name is built and promoted by the franchisor. The franchise owner only needs to use the brand name and gain benefitsThe owner needs to build a brand name, which is comparatively complicated and expensive. 
Marketing Provides the franchise partners with relevant marketing collaterals to promote the preschool; also encourages joint marketing activities.Need to formulate their marketing strategy. 
Curriculum The curriculum is research-based and adheres to global standards.Curriculum accommodates all the essential learning elements. But it is challenging to implement international standards.
Faculty and Staff Provides assistance in recruiting teaching staff with an adequate degree and diploma, which meets the minimum criteria of preschool staff members.Recruitment is ad-hoc as there are no set guidelines for the hiring process.
Training Regular training sessions are organized for teachers to keep them updated with the latest teaching methods.Training programs are difficult to arrange as no set academic standards are defined.
Student-Centric Teaching Curriculum and teaching pattern are so designed that they cater to specific needs of every student.A generalized education approach is followed because it is not possible to train faculty to meet the unique requirements of students.
Investments and Profits Franchise owners make substantial initial investment. Certain brands offer fixed fee model and there is no need to shares profit with the franchisor.Owners make substantial initial investment and keep all the profits to him.

A franchise model assists the franchise owner in every step of management and teaching. Contrarily, the self-owned schools need to plan for things on their own which make management ad-hoc. Overall, franchise model is a better option when you are willing to get your feet wet in the educational domain.

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