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Daughter, it is not just a word or a relationship but an evolution that binds many other relationships together in future. Parents always want their daughters to be independent, self sufficient, brave, decision maker but as parents do they really create opportunity for their daughters to be all this?

Living in a country like India where traditions and cultures are accustomed as per society, a woman faces a lot of challenges to be what she wants to be. As parents its so much important to talk and improve your daughter’s self esteem. Make it much more positive so that its easier for her to face this world independently.

What you can do as parents to build a healthy self esteem?

  • Talk to her, its ok even if she’s a child. Make her feel that she has a power to do what she wants to do.

  • Teach her to develop her inner beauty than perfecting her outer look.

  • Always give credits for her effort rather than her performance, she will aim at higher achievements.

  • Don’t talk trash about other women in front of them.

  • Try not to treat her like a fragile, helpless and delicate beings. Because she is much stronger than you think.

  • Let her take decisions for herself starting from her favourite color to her favourite toys. It doesn’t always have to be PINK or a BARBIE DOLL.

  • Create opportunities to raise her voice and tell about her views, consider them.

  • As much as you praise also tell your daughter when she’s wrong. Criticism plays a unique role in your child’s life.

  • Let her know that you love her, just as much as how you love your son.

  • Allow your daughter to follow her heart.

Daughters who grow up with a positive and healthy self-esteem achieve many things in life and bring laurels to their family as well.

Happy Parenting!

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