Should we force children into sports?

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As parents, we always have the feeling that our children should achieve something in their life. Often, we embed this though into various fields and dimensions like education, career, growth, development etc. Sometimes, we also exhibit this thought into sports, creating the notion that, ‘Every child should play sports for his or her welfare?’. This often gets into a complex situation and the pleasure and pursuit of happiness get replaced with forceful nature!

In this blog, we are going to discuss, whether we should force children into sports or give them their own chance to discover and perform.

What happens when we force children into sports?
Forcing sports has got negative effects:
Children are of two types. Either, they will accept what has been given to them or they will start rebelling against the things, they do not like. If you are going to make them play sports on a compulsive note, the chances are that either they will play it for namesake or they may find excuses to avoid it. In order to avoid this, it would be better, if you do not force things on them.

Forcing sports will make sports as a chore:
Besides that, when you make any child play a particular sport out of compulsion, they will start disliking the very purpose of their existence and living. Sometimes, it might even affect their psychological and emotional well being too. This may create a vicious circle of acceptance and non-acceptance, which will ultimately affect the overall well being of the child.

Forcing sports can affect children in multiple ways:
Not alone that, when we force children into sports or games, that they do not like, automatically feelings and expressions of hate, despair, distress, agony, stress, strain and conflict of ideologies and other negative forms of expression will set in. In other words, instead of playing sports for longevity and happiness, Children will start viewing sports as a form of punishment So, never let that happen by forcing sports into them.

Forcing sports is not at all beneficial in any way:
You need to accept the fact that, by you forcing sports into children, you are not helping them in a way! Rather, you are only creating ways for chaos and confusion in their lives. You also need to accept that, if your child is not interested in sports, show them some other alternatives, which can help them to exhibit their skills and talents in other ways, So, never limit their choices of playing.

Forcing sports can be replaced with facilitation and other alternatives:
If at all if you feel that, your child is talented and well versed into sports and he or she is not able to exhibit it, talk them or give the appropriate guidance, which will enable them to think for themselves and at the same time, it will give them an opportunity to experience what sports is all about and how differently it can be played for their own living and life benefits.

The next time, if you are presented with a condition of making children to involve themselves into forceful playing, just think about the above-mentioned factors and try to avoid the consequences of such forceful playing!

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