Storytelling Made Interesting With Fingerplay

28 May 18 657 0

Storytelling is an interactive art form through which the tellers convey images into the mind of listeners and when the listeners visualize that and respond, the act of storytelling gets fulfilled. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a storyteller to effectively communicate and convey those visions. Especially, when the listeners are very young children, we need to make sure the words, actions and content must be comprehended by the kids. Therefore, we need various tools sometimes to hook their attention.

This session at Dreamflower Montessori I tried to tell the stories with finger play and sounds. It is a very simple but effective tool wherein I encouraged the children to participate. So as they participated themselves, they were taking the effort to comprehend my telling, copy my actions and simultaneously repeat the sounds. This required complete hand, eye and mind coordination. Therefore, through storytelling we were actually trying to ensure a holistic development program for the children. My sincere advice to the parents would be to kindly create a small book corner at home and include story time in your daily routine. It is an excellent family bonding intellectual, emotional exercise and really helpful in nurturing young minds.

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