Storytelling Sessions with Fascinating Props!

28 May 18 824 0

Stories are magical! Dreamflower Montessori is committed to bringing innovative and socially relevant practices for child’s development. This time we have thought to enhance the interesting part of the curriculum - Storytelling through puppetry.

Puppets play an incredible role in drawing the attention of children. How does it work? Children easily identify the characters, empathize, and try to project themselves at the place of the characters. It is also an efficient way to interact with shy children with the help of puppetry. It ultimately broadens their imagination, understanding, and helps in the development of their personality.

Benefits of Storytelling Sessions with Puppets

  • It makes the learning process enjoyable and engaging

  • It increases sensory stimulation among children

  • It enhances listening skills of children

  • The varying characters fosters cooperation among children

As a parent, you can bring in use of puppets for telling stories to your child. You can create puppets with handbags or cut the characters from old books and paste them on a stick to narrate stories in a simple way. Moreover, storytelling arts with props not only link the world of classroom and home but also beyond the classroom.

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