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The Beauty of Early Childhood Mathematics: Playful Math = Engaged Learning

21 June 18 1374 0

From time immemorial there existed only one subject which has haunted children year after year and that dreadful subject is “MATHEMATICS.” Hearing the name of mathematics children wave off. But, recent studies have shown that early childhood math is beautiful and engaging. Well now the question arises, where is this beauty and how can parents and teachers use it to teach mathematics to children? The answer to this question lies in the below-stated facts.

Sparkling Idea

The beauty of mathematics is seen in the eyes of toddlers when the foundation concept hits their mind for the first time. Those illuminating eyes reflect their early success and a promising future. So, teachers must encash such moments to drive interest of students in the subject.

Fun-Filled Math

Carefully crafted math activities, such as scavengers hunt for shapes, and board games make transform mathematics into a fun-filled and playful act. Precisely, math is the only subject which can quickly be transformed into beautiful children games making learning enjoyable.

Beauty of Numbers

When children learn to label quantities in their early childhood, they discover that numerosity is one distinctive attribute of the world. Also, the errors they make here give teachers a chance to explore their development trajectory in a better way.

Understanding the Environment

The idea of project-based teaching is used in early mathematics sessions, which helps students understand their environment in a better way. For instance, a project of counting, graphing, and mapping the values of coin gives better knowledge of currency to students than the usual verbal education.

Blissful Errors

The beauty of mathematics lies in the errors that children commit. It is because they not only reveal the faults but also demonstrates the growth and understanding level of a child. Thus, math errors are blissful for the early education of children.

The instances mentioned above of early mathematics education reveal that math is not at all dreadful. Instead, it is the most beautiful subject in regards to learning and child growth. Thus, both teachers and parents need to explore this beautiful domain of early mathematics to help children learn with fun.

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