The Gadget Free Living!

28 May 18 1801 0

Wish we could go back to those days where our childhood times were filled with memories and countless thoughts! But in modern days, the thought for getting back to the childhood days is totally replaced with the very idea of technology and gadgets! So, in the end if your children grow up and if they want to talk about their childhood days, they will not have anything to remember at all!

Well, that is the effect of technology! If you are parent who is worried about the gadgets taking charge of your children, then this segment is for you.

What should you do for a gadget free living?

  • Stop using gadgets in front of your children:

Unlike adults, the curiosity levels in children are high. So, whenever they see you using a gadget they will automatically feel the urge to use them. It would be even better, if you do not introduce technologically sound and active devices like iPad, laptops and other devices which can kill their concentration.

  • Restrict your usage:

True that we are all working parents and we need to be in constant communication. But what you can do is, restrict the usage. Fix a time slot, where you will be convenient to communicate with others and at the same time the technological effect does not take over your child. By doing so, not only the child gets benefitted, even you can get peace of mind!

  • Never buy gadgets for children:

One common mistake, what current age parents do is that, they buy gadgets for children right after they are born! Never do that. Always remember that a kid is never dependent on a gadget, rather we make them dependent on the technology. So as a thumb rule, do not buy gadgets until and unless required or need persists.

  • Share the gadgets:

If at all you feel, the gadget that you choose is going to help your child, then get a common gadget that can be used by the entire family. Be it iPad or laptop, make sure that you restrict the number to one or two. Never make the children the sole owners of gadgets. It will not only kill their childhood, but also their tender innocence.

  • Analyse the need behind every gadget:

If you do not want your child to become dependent on the gadgets, then it would always be better if you analyse the need behind the presence of the gadget in the home. If you feel that the particular gadget is of no use, then discard it. Or if you feel the gadget is needed, see to that whether it is useful for the children in the long run.

  • Avoid gadgets that boasts of sophistication and latest technology:

After all gadgets are the results of mankind involvement and thought process! Never let that drift upon your children. It would be wise, if you can avoid gadgets that come with modern day innovation as they do not allow children to think and work for themselves.

  • Never introduce a gadget to your children in their early days:

It would be better, if you do not introduce any gadget to your children until they cross their childhood. It would be even wise to wait and see how your children are valuing and using the gadget in front of them!

So, the next time if you feel your child is being taken over by the gadgets, think of these points for a memorable childhood!

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