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30 September 19 1318 0

Children are not the things to be molded, but people to be unfolded – Jess Lair.

Most of us still in the prime of earning and working for our children’s future forget about their present. Today toddlers require more care and attention. Gone are the days of singing lullabies and feeding. Now it’s the smart phone that makes most kids eat, sleep and go about their day to day activities. The life of our kids depends on the charge in our phone. I wouldn’t say it’s all bad, but without human feelings and emotions getting in their path technology is just a disturbance.

The only way to counteract is to replace smart phones with smart-parents.

Here are few ways that can make you smart- parents:

  • Understand what your kid likes, look into what attracts him/her to keep him/her occupied but also try not to load them with work.

  • Give them fun activities to do.

  • Colors and sounds are the main things that attract kids. So sing, play some music and dance with them.

  • Take them on everyday walks or to a new place every weekend, allow them to explore the outside world with you.

  • Avoid working in front of them and constantly checking on your phone so that they don’t replicate you.

  • Lastly, appreciate them for all the work they do.

I know, the next thing in your mind is “Where do i have time for all this?”

Well if you really want to put in extra care and time. The best ways to do are:

  • Try to move closer to your workplace. This will help in saving much time that you waste traveling.

  • Try avoiding work on weekends and also those overtime at least until your toddler grows up. This may allow you to spend time with your little ones a little extra.

  • Kids are very vulnerable, they learn from what they see and observe. So try not to give them the opportunity to learn Loneliness.

Happy Parenting !


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