Top 10 Questions Parents Ask About Montessori

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Admissions within the Montessori school offers children with the best education, facilities, and an excellent transport system and the ticket to future success. Parents need to look for the validity of their decision, because the children spend fourteen formative and crucial growth years of their life in the Institute that their parents select.

Dreamflower Montessori understands that during the early years of education, parents have got important decision to make. We thought to comprehend the most commonly asked questions about Montessori and their respective answers below:

Here, are the ten questions that parents ask about Montessori.

1. Is Montessori Education only for Elite?

Well, the answer is Montessori Education is meant for each child whether coming from elite class or average family. An early education program engages children in all stages of development.

2. Does Montessori suggest that never tell a Child to do something/not do something?

It is a misconception that children are always allowed to do “whatever they want.” The reality is discipline is an integral part of Montessori programs that aims to teach children to regulate themselves. Montessori pushes discipline among them through the years of learning, and not in an overnight.

3. Do Montessori Schools Discourage Children from using their Imagination?

Montessori schools does not discourage children from engaging in the make-believe play, rather they promote imagination and fantasies.

4. Will Children Learn Social Skills in Montessori Classrooms?

Montessori method places importance on the development of social skills by guiding children how to be polite, courteous, and respectful through their local culture. In Montessori schools, children practice proper greeting and making eye contact while speaking.

 5. Can Children adjust in Traditional Schools after being in Montessori?

For one of the most common questions, the answer is Montessori students can switch to another type of school quickly. Well, the truth behind is everyone’s life involve changes as long as you are equipped with coping tools.

6. What are Four Avenues of Learning?

The four avenues comprise of practical life, sensorial development, development of language and early preparation of mathematical mind.

7. Does Montessori work for only Pre-school?

We are happy to report that it is not right and Montessori Method is about meeting the changing needs of the child at every age during his/her development. Therefore, it is the best possible education for children at every age, be it older or those in the preschool.

8. Montessori Schools doesn’t have a Grading System, is it true?

It is true that Montessori schools do not emphasize on homework or grading system. It is because they are encouraged to take the ownership of their learnings, which automatically helps them in attaining academic skills and lifelong learning.

9. What is meant by “Normalization”?

During the process of learning, children will naturally find their inner teacher or innate desire to learn. Parents and teachers give them more focus due to which they will emerge as peaceful and content. This entire process is called "Normalization".

10. Is Montessori Method Beneficial for Parents?

Yes, Montessori Method will help parents and grandparents learn how the mind of the works and how they learn. With the same understanding, adults will benefit from Montessori teaching through their personal and spiritual growth.

If you have any question that doesn’t match with the list mentioned above, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as we can…

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