Woman’s Dream Carnival 2018 - 10th March 2018

Dreamflower Montessori conducted a successful one day Women’s Dream Carnival held on 10th March‘ 2018!

Dreamflower’s Woman’s Dream Carnival 2018 was inuagrated by Mrs. Veena Kumaravel, Founder - Naturals Groups of Salons. Mr.N Subramanian, Vice President - Strategic Alliance, CADD Centre, Ms.Malarvizhi Pandian - Associate Vice-President, Dreamflower, Ms.Sudha Gandekar, Centre Head were also present during the event.

The entire team of Dreamflower expresses much gratitude to the parents and women who showed interested and gave a warm response to the event. The fitness, Patham, and Garden workshops not only captivated their interest but also invited new intellectual horizons among the attendees. Also, the fun games and activities brought everyone on to their toes and rejoiced the environment.

Thank you, everyone, for the acknowledging the event so gracefully with your presence!