View More Holi celebration at DreamFlower  - Montessori
Holi Celebration
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Story Telling
View More Cultural Programme - Montessori
Cultural Programme
View More Temple Visit - Montessori
ISKCON Temple Visit
View More Story-Telling-Session - Montessori
Story Telling Session
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RepublicDay Crafts
View More Pongal Celebration - Montessori
Pongal Celebration
View More Pongal Celebration Craft - Montessori
Pongal Celebration Craft
View More Tree Planting - Montessori
Tree Planting
View More Christmas Celebration - Montessori
Christmas Celebration
View More Home Visit - Montessori
Home Visit
View More Sloka Session - Montessori
Sloka Session
View More Christmas Crafts - Montessori
Art & Craft
View More Sloka Session - Montessori
Sloka Session
View More Umbrella Craft activity - Montessori
Umbrella Craft activity
View More Story Telling Session - Montessori
Story Telling Session
View More Tulip Flower Craft Activity - Montessori
Tulip Flower Craft Activity
View More Vidyarambham - Montessori
View More Navratri Golu - Montessori
Navratri Golu
View More Story Telling Activity - Montessori
Story Telling Activity
View More Onam Celebration - Montessori
Onam Celebration
View More Story Telling Activity - Montessori
Story Telling Activity
View More Ice Cream Art & Craft Activity - Montessori
Ice Cream Craft Activity
View More Orientation at Dreamflower - Montessori
Orientation at Dreamflower
View More Cherry Craft Activity - Montessori
Cherry Craft Activity
View More Adyar Eco Park Visit - Montessori
Adyar Eco Park Visit
View More Sweet Corn Craft Activity - Montessori
Sweet Corn Craft Activity
View More Chalk-Art-Activity - Montessori
Chalk Art Activity
View More Handprint Craft Activity - Montessori
Handprint Craft Activity
View More International Yoga Day - Montessori
International Yoga Day
View More Holi Celebration - Montessori
Holi Celebration
View More Craft Activity-Childcare
Craft Activity
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A visit to the Post Office
View More Butterfly Art-Preprimary
Butterfly Craft Activity
View More Artistic Programe-Nursery
Fish craft activity
View More Agricultural Activity-Montissori
Field trip to The Farm
View More Ocean Theam Activity
Octopus craft activity
View More Kite & Wind Theam Art
Kite Making
View More Pongal Celebration@Thiruvanmiyur
Pongal Celebration 2017
View More Wildlife Programs Toodler
Examining Weaver’s nest
View More Educational Visit-Chennai
Children's Park Visit
View More Onam Celebration@Thiruvanmiyur
Onam Celebration
View More Divotional Visit-Playschool
Cathedral Visit
View More Janmashtami celebration@Thiruvanmiyur
Janmashtami celebration at Dream Flower
View More Nature Programs-Kindergarten
Dreamflower Lily Blooming
View More Vegetable Craft Printing
Vegetable Printing activity
View More Cow & Milk Programs
Milking the Cow Activity @ Dreamflower Campus
View More Social Visit Activity
Visit to Friend's house
View More Coconut Knowledge
Coconut peeling activity
View More Narration Activity-School
Story Telling workshop @ Dreamflower
View More Nature Walk-Knowledge
Nature Walk @ Theosophical society
View More Practical Life Programs
Exercises of Practical life activity
View More Pongal Celebration@Chennai
Pongal Festival Celebration
View More Christmas Celebration@Thiruvanmiyur
Montessori Inspired Christmas
View More Dental Workshop-Montessori
Dentistry & Oral Care Workshop for Children's
View More Janmashtami celebrations@Chennai
Janmashtami celebrations
View More Dreamflower Inauguration@Thiruvanmiyur
Dreamflower @ Thiruvanmiyur Inaugurated
View More Facilites in Dreamflower
Montessori learning materials
View More Vinayagar Chaturthi@Thiruvanmiyur
Vinayagar Chaturthi Celebration at Dream Flower

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