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Happy Trials, an activity segment of Dreamflower Montessori, aims to render new skills and smart progression among those tender brains innovatively. While children learn at Dreamflower Montessori, they are imparted with an unlimited scope of art, crafts, games, and other cultural activities at Happy Trials. The activity centre desire to encourage a love for arts among Dreamflower children and students from other schools and neighborhood.

Our professional staff strives to nurture and grow child’s talent while making them realize their self-esteem and self-worth. We firmly believe in the power of dedication, hard work, and commitment for perfecting our art and craft. At Happy Trials, we make sure your child learn and grow in a safe environment of fine arts, learning advancement and physical activities.


Happy Trials, a premier recreational activity centre that will keep your child engaged for hours. We regulate a list of activities that are maintained in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment. With our goal to keep children happy and healthy, activities through play are the best way to accomplish it.

Arts & Crafts

Early childhood is all about the experiment and creativity withdrawn from the world of colors. Every child invokes favoritism towards art and craft, and so, our curriculum comprises of attractive art projects, DIY activities, and decoration agenda.

Sand Play

Dunes attract every developing brain, and we thought to introduce the sand play in our curriculum. With the safety equipment and natural materials in-house, we provide them ability to explore and experience their inner joy.


Introducing yoga to children at an early age help them learn about the fundamental of a healthy lifestyle. The activity will come up with some fun classic animal themed moves that take the interest of children while making a foundation for healthy future.


Dancing is easy, great exercise and plain fun for all ages. It is also a simple way to introduce kids with different styles of music. At Happy Trials, your child will explore dance movements, introduction to various dance positions, coordination, and rhythm.

Story Telling

Story telling is one powerful way to develop the mind of kids in the early ages. We make use of emotional and creative expressions, and help the children master the art of storytelling and reaching different types of listeners.

Health & Fitness

The physical movement and challenging exercises teach children the only mantra to a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Under the supervision of trained experts, we are determined towards your child’s safety and recreation at the same time.


Language skills such as listening, speaking, writing, and reading are important to lay a foundation for a positive tomorrow. We believe that speech development is an important tool for the child to demonstrate things efficiently.

Drawing & Painting

Creative art sessions of drawing and painting help in the development of coordination required for advanced art projects. The instructional activities such as Tanjore painting, glass painting, and fabric painting can benefit them in stretching muscles.

Music Lessons

Engaging children with their natural love of music is a way to activate their imagination. We use the power and joy of music making to help your children learn and grow during the years that are critical to brain development.


Teaching phonics to young children helps in the transition from verbal language to print. We implement some easy and effective ways to introduce and support phonics instruction among the children.


Drama sessions can teach valuable theatre skills to students while allowing children to experience fun, build confidence, extend their imagination, and grow as an ensemble. Let them become the part of our drama club; these young actors are going to have a lot of fun here.

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Facilitator Profiles


Post graduate in English Literature from University of Calcutta. Opted Linguistics as a special paper. Worked as a lecturer at Dr. Ambedhkar’s First Grade College, Bangalore. Later worked as a teacher...

Muthugnanam K
(Shlokas Teacher)

Muthugnanam says, being the traditional method of education, Shlokas are important. She has completed her schooling from St. Ignatius Convent, Tirunelveli, one of the esteemed educational...

Vidhyalakshmi Manikandan
(Classical Dance Teacher)

Today, the music has spilled over, but the rhythm that danced to the beat of Bharatanatyam is almost absent. Vidhyalakshmi Manikandan is incorporating incorporating and promoting the dance style...

  • Story Telling
  • Sloka Session
  • Art & Craft
  • Dance Class
  • Meditation Session
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