Day Care

We understand that individual lifestyles should not affect the process of development!

Dreamflower Montessori brings exceptional day care services for children, operating from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6 pm. Our day care program is designed for children of age 2 to 12 years in such a way that it can help them to enhance their creativity. It is a place where a child learns about sharing, friendship, problem solving, and much more. We provide the children with the opportunity to learn from life perspective stories and interact with other kids in a safe, structured and well-supervised day care setting which will help them to develop social skills. The theory of a preschool and day care facility has been designed to support the needs of parents at utmost priority.

The curriculum is made of two different sessions for the child to settle down in the atmosphere and gain homely comfort. The settle down sessions are well planned in a manner that the child feels less anxiety and discomfort while separating from a parent.

Dreamflower Montessori – IMTC recognised our elementary steps towards montessori education

We are proud to adopt the “Montessori Methodology” in the preschool education segment. Within 3 years of operations we have been recognised by IMTC in the year 2017-18.
This proven experiental learning which is superior to other alternatives, and a niche movement was accessible only by the elite. But now DF is working towards taking the proven effective early childcare methodology to the masses.

Indian Montessori Training Courses (IMTC) on the occasion of Montessori Festival 2017-18 honours Dreamflower Montessori for setting an upper hand in the development of child. The appreciation and laurels to Dreamflower indicates that the institution is meeting stipulated requirements, following the philosophy and standards of Dr. Maria Montessori.

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