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Sudha Gandekar

Sudha Gandekar is an English Literature Graduate from Ethiraj College, Chennai and has previously provided her valuable services in hospitality industry. She successfully gained her Montessori training at Indian Montessori Training Center, Chennai and is currently working as the Secretary for the Indian Montessori Center (IMC), Tamil Nadu. She has a decade of experience to her name in the field of education and has successfully bonded with differently abled children as well. Enchanted by doctrines of Dr. Maria Montessori of "Respect the child as a worthy individual", she strives to proliferate this idea by explaining its merits to parents belonging to all aspects of the society. Her heart lies in the belief that through the propagation of cultural values to the budding generation comprehensive growth can be achieved.

M. Kamakshi

M. Kamakshi, a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Chellammal College, Madras University has established herself as an exceptional coordinator by co-founding a play home at Bangalore, aiming to provide cultural and traditional values to the next generation by focusing on their comprehensive development. She has also rightfully earned Advanced Diploma in Montessori and Kindergarten Teacher's Training and is currently Pursuing Montessori Training at IMTC. She is a woman of vision and exemplary socializing abilities and has implemented the same, while working as a personal secretary in her past endeavors. She possesses an incredible zest for learning new languages and is fascinated by Montessori concepts and is striving to implement the same. Words fall short when it comes to describing her joyous and exuberant nature towards her colleagues and children.

Thangam Prasath

Thangam Prasath holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore.She started her career as a software professional, and worked in IT industry (MNCs) for 5 years. She is a Tamilnadu State Topper in Higher Secondary. She has despised the rat race where children are not given time to learn in their own pace. She strongly beliefs "The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence". It is the character we need to build, and not just getting marks. During her stay in countries like Singapore, UK, Switzerland, and Australia she was fascinated by the popularity of Montessori schools. She inducted her daughter in a Montessori school.Watching her daughter work and learn through Montessori materials, especially in language and arithmetic, she was inspired to take up the Montessori Course from the prestigious Indian Montessori Training Courses, Chennai. Also she has the experience of conducting Phonetics classes for children. Though she has a qualification to teach older children, she feels it is a wonderful feeling to be with young minds. She says, "Though it is demanding our energy sometimes, it is wonderful to observe the children".

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