Education is not about books and notes; it is about experiences and learnings. To ensure a holistic growth we employ the S.P.I.C.E learning approach that adds spice to the early childhood education.

Toddler program - 18 months to 3 years

It is a well-known fact that major brain development and learning in children happens in the initial three years. During this time, toddlers absorb large amounts of information from the environment through observations and experiences. These are the years that lay the foundation for growth and learning in children on which the minaret of future development is based.

Dreamflower Toddler programs carefully support children’s drive to do things alone by developing confidence and a sense of competence in them. The routines of everyday life are the basis of Dreamflower’s Toddler programs. A Toddler at Dreamflower works independently, observes keenly, explores freely, and expresses his curiosity and creativity limitlessly.

Learning objectives of a Toddler include developing skills, such as physical coordination, language, concentration, establishing a routine, building relationships, becoming a part of a playgroup, and learning visual discrimination and basic lessons of grace and courtesy.

Pre Primary program - 3 to 4 years

During this period of development, children start implementing all the knowledge they have gathered as toddlers. Dreamflower’s pre-primary curriculum caters to the requirements of 3 to 4 old year children who desire for consistency and repetition, and crave for routine and structure.

Our curriculum lays the foundation for reading and writing skills in the pre-primary workspace. Dreamflower provides vast opportunities for children to explore and observe the environment using their senses. It is the phase where refinement and coordination of movement happens in children; subsequently, they enjoys being a part of the playgroup. To further foster their gross and fine motor skills we provide them with a wide range of outdoor events, practical life exercises (more of care for the environment), and field trips.

Primary 1 - 4 to 5 years

Dreamflower Primary 1 curriculum provides extensive support on language development; reading as well as writing. Children get intensely interested in reading at this phase of their development. Reading skills are often developed after a child learns to write. Consequently, the curriculum is designed to adhere to writing first which in turn boosts the child’s interest in reading. We make children immerse in an environment rich in language stimulation.

Dreamflower creates an environment in which children willfully participate in learning experiences that integrate the senses. Various language games, mathematical explorations, sensorial extension activities, planned outdoor games, and theme-based field trips make this curriculum a perfect fit for this age group.

At Dreamflower, children get exposure to numerous Practical life exercises, which encourage them to work in groups and take care of their surrounding. Such activities give them an enjoyable experience and help them realize their responsibilities and motivates them to fulfill the same joyfully.

Primary 2 - 5 to 6 years

Now that children are nearing the completion of early childhood, our curriculum lays emphasis on developing a keen interest in reading and writing. We call it an explosion of interest. The Dreamflower curriculum for six-year-olds is designed in a way that helps them improvise and master language and math skills.

The Math curriculum, with the support of scientifically proved materials of Dr.Maria Montessori, will make them well versed in all the four mathematical dynamic operations.

Under this phase, Dreamflower gives children role plays to enact the Grace and courtesy lessons learned all these years. Such activities ensure that essential manners of basic humans interactions get imbibed in every child.

Topic-oriented Field trips to Museums, Zoological parks, Botanical gardens, in-house celebrations, and the excellent materials of Dr.Maria Montessori on culture and geography prepare students to readily take on the new journey of education and learning.

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