Summer Carnival 2017

A place where fun and learning go hand in hand!

Summer camps are the best way for kids to enjoy, learn, and participate. Dreamflower Montessori is organizing a summer camp starting from 24th April to 12th May 2017. Whether your child is an artistic soul, a science whiz, or a dancing dynamite, we have dedicated programs for each of them.

Here’s how to pick one camp for your kid and help them have an awesome summer-

Arts, Crafts & Fireless Cooking

This five-day event is set to bring along a new set of activities each day which includes Personalized Badge Making, Origami ,Paper Mache, Pot/Mug Painting, Clay modelling/Key-Chain making, Fireless Cooking, Crafting farewell postcards, work exhibition followed by a story-telling session. A creative event awaits for your kids to explore at Dreamflower Monstessori! Come and Join in!

Venue : Dreamflower Montessori, Thiruvanmiyur
Dates Batch 1 - 24th April to 28th April 2017
Batch 2 - 1st May to 5th May 2017
Suitable for : 5-15 years
Fee : Rs 2750 (Materials will be provided)

Freestyle Dance & Silambam

Does your child like copying dance steps while watching TV? Is he/she always trying to attain the rhythm sense? Here’s is an opportunity for your dancing jack. Dreamflower Montessori invites children aged between 5 – 15 years to come and energize themselves this summer. This session also includes Silambam, a traditional stick martial arts. Silambam not only acts as a fighting art, it also provides young ones a chance to grow as an individual, just like kung – fu or karate. Training for Silambam revolves around holding the stick, basic moves, blocking tricks and tournament rules. Let Tamil martial art-form SILAMBAM grow vernacularly via Kids!

We are ready to give your child a recreating and cultural environment by making them dance onto the beats of Freestyle dance, and learn martial arts which is a great way to achieve self-defence and fitness.

Bollywood & Jazz – Suitable for 5-7 years,
Bollywood and Hip-hop – Suitable for 7 – 15 years

Venue : Dreamflower Montessori, Thiruvanmiyur
Date : 2nd May – 5th May 2017
Suitable for : 5-15 years
Fee : Rs 2500

One day Workshop on Basics of Photography

This photography workshop is designed for children / youngsters with absolutely no camera knowledge. The workshop provides an orientation about basic photography concepts and camera handling. This fun filled, activity based workshop will bring out the creativity in children and help them to view things differently to produce better pictures.

  • Introduction to photography
  • Knowing about camera ; how to hold
  • Modes in Camera
  • Composition and framing - Rule of thirds
  • Tips on landscape / nature photography
  • Activity & Reviewing students photos and feedback
Date : 6th May 2017
Venue : Dakshina Chitra, Muttukadu
Suitable for : 7-15 years
Time : 9AM - 3PM
Fee : Rs 1200 (Each participant should bring either a point and shoot camera
  or a mobile phone camera)
Lunch & Transportation will be provided

Work with Robotics

Is your child a fan of Iron Man fan and Transformers? Does your child love being surrounded by machines and dreams of building robots? Then Robotel is the right opportunity for your kid. Dreamflower in its summer camp introduces Robotel for the kids of age group 9 to 15 who have a special interest for machines and robots. The event will continue for two hours a day for six days continuously.

The event will focus on the introduction of various elements of robotics along with step by step instructions to develop them and a complete hands-on training. Let those little brilliant brains take one step closer to their interests this summer!

Venue : Dreamflower Montessori, Thiruvanmiyur
Date : 8th May to 12th May 2017
Suitable for : 9-15 years
Fee : Rs 2500 ( without student kit) / Rs 4500 ( With student kit)

Let them take a break from virtual world of TV, Smartphones, and Gaming. Go ahead! Treat your child with a unique and fun filled experience, as they surely deserve to stay on the top.

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